Organic Candy

pif-sd-2I will be the first to say, I am not part of the organic food movement. I am not against it though. My sister does a lot of cooking, and she is slowing turning her regular dishes, into organic friendly dishes.

I do not complain. If she wants to cook for me, I will not turn it down. My sister recently told me that she has been making organic fruit smoothies for herself. She also explained that regular juice and soda out of the store, taste like poison now.

I am reluctant to dive into the organic food craze, because monetarily speaking I cannot afford it. I can readjust my budget to make it happen, but it is easier to dibble and dabble.

This candy I had at work, was not what I expected. The wrapper made it look like thick starburst, but the taste was much different. The texture and taste reminded me of old school taffy wrapped in wax paper.

I still prefer my starburst, but if this organic candy was available for the free. I will eat the entire bag!


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