Miss Matched Socks

img_1505Recently I was folding clothes. When I got to the bottom of the basket, I noticed 2 socks that did not match with each other. I first thought back to the last time I wore miss matched socks, to try to figure out how I had 2 socks that did not match. After short consideration, I decided it was so long ago I wore miss matched socks, that this instance of miss match socks was an anomaly.

It really was not an anomaly, but it made me somewhat angry. What happened to the other socks, and where did they go! I was planning on going back to the basement, and finding the correct matches lying on the floor. This was most definitely not the case! The correct matches were gone.

To be on the safe side, I just went on and threw away the socks. This is very wasteful and inconsiderate, but oh well. I am not running the risk of wearing miss match socks, then another pair of socks gets compromised. Before I know it, I look up and all I have is socks that do not match.

I personally do not care about my socks matching, but sometimes people see me take off my shoes. This includes people in my work place, the ones that visit me at home, and the people at the shoe store that see me try on a new shoe.  Also I like to wear slides with my socks on. If my socks do not match, I personally cannot risk that slander from my peers.

I already know 2 months down the line, this 1 instance is going to result in me restarting my sock wardrobe. It could be worst, but to be on the safe side, I should start by buying a new pack of socks this weekend.


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