Tacos or 1 Million $

tacos-1613795__340I was recently asked if I would I take a life time supply of tacos, or 1 million dollars and never eat another taco again. My instinctive answer was to give me the million dollars.

I did not feel bad, until I calculated how much I actually eat tacos. My love for tacos goes way beyond Taco Bell. I thought about all the spots I actually ate tacos out of. While going down the list, I found myself forgetting places. Me cutting tacos out of my diet, would leave a more than large void.

I asked my sister what would she do, and she said, “Do you think you could eat a million dollars worth of tacos over a lifetime?” Contemplating this answer, I think if God allows me to live into  my 70’s and 80’s along with me keeping my teeth. I will be eating tacos a long time. It will not surprise me if I exceed a million dollars worth of tacos over a lifetime.

With all of these variables coming into play, I am almost positive I will take the money. I will cry every time I see a taco. My mouth with most likely water also. Tacos are such a part of me, so I do not want to even think about life without them.


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