How I Lend Money

wallet-669458__340I have one family member in particular that ask for money on a daily basis. I also have a niece and nephew that continuously ask me to buy them stuff. I do not blame them for asking, because they are kids.

My grown family member though, he ask for $10 to $20 on a consistent basis. The stipulation behind this, is that it is up to me to catch him when he gets paid. That way I can get my money back, when he gets his money. If I miss this window of opportunity, then the money I lent out becomes money I gave out.

My family member targets me, because he knows I am busy, and I am not going to track him down for $20. Knowing this, he ask for $20 never expecting to pay it back. I got to thinking, would it be easier to drop a lump sum on him, and eliminate the bothersome phone calls for a while. I could either do this, or continue giving him micro loans never getting my money back.

My second thought was, if he always needs money, then his money management skills are trash. Giving him a lump sum will just mean he has more money to spend quickly. Now if there was a way for him to submit a budget with the loan request, then I might have something there. Knowing this is probably wishful thinking, the best course of action is to ignore his phone calls until I have nothing better to do.

Meaning if you call me for money, and you are known to take your time paying me back. I will not answer your phone call. If I do pick up your call and lend you money, then you need to give me an exact date of when I should expect my money back. I will remember that day, and contact you promptly that morning.


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