Blank Stare

blank-stareI hate when I have all this inspiration to talk about, but when I sit down to write my mind goes blank. Of course I can easily think about something to complain about, but where is the fun with that. I literally just took a shower, and had some of the most productive and funny ideas. Soon as I dried off and put on clothes, all the wonderful ideas I had vanished.

I am not sure if real life caught up with me, or I really forgot that quick. Either way, this is crazy! How can a good idea leave that fast.

I decided to search online, via google, how to keep a good idea on hand. The best solution I found, was to continuously repeat the idea to yourself until you are able to write it down. Honestly speaking, I could have figured that out myself.

Before this post, I completely thought I was too cool to keep writing down ideas continually throughout the day. Apparently I am not! All I could think about while I was preparing my phone to record notes, was DJ Khalid voice……”Don’t play yourself!”



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