nissan-885308__340Recently I was looking online for a car to rent for a quick weekend trip. Immediately I put in the cheapest option available. I choose the weekend package, which included a 3 day rental. The price came out to be around $110, with tax included.

From previous experience with renting vehicles, I already knew how the rental pickup was going to go. The associate processing me for my reservation was going to look at my 6’3 build, see what shoes I was wearing, and try to upsell me.

He was going to see I was renting the compact car, and suggest I upgrade to the mid-sized sedan. Now if I walk in the car center with designer everything on, he is going to try to upgrade me to the Mustang or Camaro. If I have a lot of people with me (more than 3), he is going to suggest a SUV.

I have no problem with anyone doing their job, it is just that I specifically chose the vehicle I wanted online. I do understand, that some people do not realize how small the compact option is. I use to be one of those people! That is why I choose the sedan now.

Now if for some reason I am feeling myself, and I want a Camaro or Mustang. I will choose that option via the internet. Yet again I understand there are certain people that fill out the the profile of a person that rents sport cars. I apologize if I give off the incorrect vibe.


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